Early Voters Voice Opinions On DAC Special Election

Jul 26, 2013

The recent special election in Doña Ana County had some early voters questioning the management of taxpayer dollars.

This special election will cost Dona Ana County around $200,000 according to Doña Ana County Chief Deputy Clerk, Mario Jimenez III.
“The money that goes into funding the election is more than offset in comparison to the bonds that would be sun-setting, if the election were not to be put on,” said Jimenez.

There are three bond questions on the ballot for this election that asks for voters to approve a new 911 Dispatch center, Improvements to the Southern New Mexico Fairgrounds, and the construction and equipping of a new court hold animal facility. Voters also have a gross receipts tax question on the ballot.

“They are important (Special Elections). We should have them. But sometimes they are necessary, because there hasn’t been very prudent spending on the part of the county,” said Claire Kapner, Picacho Hills.

Some voters were concerned about voter turnout for this special election.

“I think being proactive and exercising your voice is a better way to go, certainly on tax issues,” Said Roger Fuller, Las Cruces. Fuller said he would like to see the County try other options before calling a special election.

“I would like to see the County cutting some corners before they ask for money. That’s what I would like to see,” said Fuller.

Jess Williams, Public Information Director, Doña Ana County said the county does an awful lot with very little.

 “We don’t often go to the taxpayers and ask them for assistance, when we do it is because we got really good projects that we believe in,” said Williams

Early voting for the Doña Ana County Special Election will close tomorrow evening at 6pm.

Election Day polls open July 30th at 7a.m. until 7p.m.