Educators: Grateful To Judge For Overturning Martinez Veto

Aug 11, 2017

Credit Trip Jennings-New Mexico In Depth
  Commentary: "By vetoing the two education bills of the ten, the Governor had prioritized her adult politics over the need of New Mexico's students," says Charles Bowyer, Executive Director of NEA-New Mexico.   "Now, with the judge overturning those vetoes two important new opportunities for student success just opened up in New Mexico.   New Mexico's educators are grateful to the legislature and Judge Singleton for putting our students in a better position to succeed," explains Bowyer.  

SB 64  continues good public policy that Allows the Public School Capital Outlay Council to continue budgeting up to $10 million to correct technology deficiencies  in public schools.   "Without SB 64 this important provision would have sunset, depriving public schools of needed improvement to technology.  The legislature passed this legislation without a single opposing vote," notes Charles Bowyer, Executive Director of NEA-New Mexico.  


Senate Bill 134 provides increased student and parental choice in choosing students’ course of study in high school.  Students may substitute one computer science course for a required math or science course provided that the course fulfills the math or science competencies.   Charles Bowyer, Executive Director of NEA-New Mexico praised the legislature for passing this bill.  "Most high school graduates  will need some level of  computer competency to compete in the world economy.   Since students have little choice in their required course of study, this legislation opens needed flexibility to prepare students for college or the workforce," said Bowyer.