El Paso Electric Asks Customers To Curtail Usage

Las Cruces – Due to the inclement weather, El Paso Electric is in an emergency situation and we are asking all customers to immediately curtail as much electrical usage as they can. EPE has lost some generation at:
Rio Grande and Newman power plants

We are asking you to cooperate in this effort. We are asking businesses to curtail their usage except in situations of critical needs.

We are also asking customers to curtail usage in their homes. Please do not use your washing machine, dishwasher, or electric clothes dryer until further notification. Turn off your extra lights, electric water heater and other electric appliances that you do not absolutely need. Please minimize the use of your electric range or oven when preparing meals. We are diligently working to correct the problem. We will keep you informed during this emergency and will let you know when you may resume the normal use of your electric appliances.

All non-essential El Paso Electric employees are being asked not to report to work today.

Thank you for your cooperation.