Escape Foiled; Deputy Injured

Las Cruces – An escape attempt for a DUI suspect went afoul after Sheriff's Deputies were able to subdue the suspect before he was able to flee after a brief struggle, resulting in injuries to a Sheriff's Deputy.

According to Sheriff's Investigators, on July 16, at approximately 6:30 p.m. Sheriff's Deputies detained a DUI suspect and transported him to the Anthony sub-station for processing.

A Sheriff's Deputy, while preparing paperwork, heard noise coming from the holding cell which he believed to be out of the ordinary.

Upon further investigation and when he peered in the cell, the Deputy could see the suspect crouching down attempting to conceal himself from observation, while the suspect moved his handcuffed hands from the rear to the front of his person.

The Deputy ordered the suspect to stand up and while removing one of the handcuffs in order to re-handcuff the suspect in the back, the suspect swung out at the Deputy. The Deputy was able to block the swing.

The suspect then "head-butted" the Deputy and as a result, the Deputy sustained a cut lip and bloodied nose.

The suspect, using his body weight, "slammed" the Deputy against the cell wall.

While the Deputy was attempting to gain control of the suspect, the suspect lunged toward the exit door, only to be foiled by the injured Deputy, who tackled the suspect to the ground.

Another Sheriff's Deputy, who had just walked into the Station and seeing the two struggling on the ground, assisted the Deputy in restraining the suspect.

The Deputy sustained multiple abrasions and lacerations on his knees and arms, as well as "tooth marks" where the suspects teeth came in contact with the Deputies forehead when the suspect "head-butted" him.

The suspect later told Sheriff's Investigators that he was only trying to escape in order to see his two month old daughter.

Sheriff's Investigators charged EDGAR BALTAZAR, age 22, (DOB: 08-09-87) of the 900 block of Van Buren, Anthony, with one fourth degree felony count of Battery on a Peace Officer and one fourth degree count of Escape or Attempt to Escape from a Peace Officer.

BALTAZAR is currently being detained at the Dona Ana County Detention Center under a $7,000.00 bond.

At the time of the alleged incident, BALTAZAR had outstanding warrants for his arrest out of Magistrate Court.