Evacuation At Las Cruces School After Girls Use Pepper Spray; Charges Possible

Mar 20, 2014

  An 8th grade classroom at Lynn Middle School was evacuated today after a 14-year-old student discharged pepper spray from an OC canister.

Las Cruces Police learned that the girl released a portion of the spray shortly before 2:30 p.m. today with 26 students and a teacher in the classroom. Preliminary information appears to reveal the girl obtained the OC canister from another 8th grader and may not have known what it was.

No major injuries were reported but several students were being treated for inflammation and other effects of OC.

The classroom was evacuated and school maintenance personnel placed a large fan in the room to disperse the chemical agent.

Pepper spray, also known as OC or oleoresin capsicum gas, irritates the eyes and oftentimes causes temporary blindness. The full effect of the spray usually lasts less than an hour, depending on the strength and placement of the spray, and diminishes with time.

Charges against the two girls who handled the OC spray canister are possible.