Fast Forward New Mexico

Jun 28, 2012


(LAS CRUCES) -- A state-wide group is helping people gain the skills necessary to stay competitive as some prepare to re-enter the workforce. There's a lot of things many people still don't know about computers.  From programming to sending e-mails, uploading pictures to simple things such as operating a mouse and that's when Fast Forward New Mexico steps in. "Some of them are going to be unemployed, some are going to have jobs, and some are going to be business owners," said Rodolfo Acosta who is with the organization. Two levels of classes will be offered.  Level one will be basic computer skills and introduction to the Internet.  Level two will cover social media. "Social media nowadays, anything and everything, it all has to do with applications right now. It is slowly moving towards cell phone technology and a lot of people don't know what these things mean, especially the older generations," said instructor Damian Olivas. One main focus of the class is creating resumes and completing online applications because instructors say many jobs out there now require applicants to do so via the world wide web. "It's the new way of communication nowadays. Social media thanks to programs like Facebook, we can communicate easily with people on the other side of the world," he said. Participants in the class will become more qualified for more jobs that require knowledge of this new technology.   "It provides opportunities to people who don't have access to the Internet or access to computers to gain this knowledge that's necessary in today's economy for work, play, education, and entertainment," said librarian Vicki Minnick. The Thomas Branigan Memorial Library received six updated laptops to conduct classes, which are free to the public, thanks to a grant. The classes in Las Cruces begin July 9th and people can sign up at the front desk of the library.