Felony Arrests In Dona Ana

Las Cruces – The Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department this past week ran a "Sting" operation where Sheriff's Deputies placed a bicycle, provided by Outdoor Adventures, in conspicuous public business locations around the County.

The Operation was conducted over three separate days and nights, at different hours, by members of the Sheriff's Department.

Due to the recent rash of bicycle thefts throughout the County, the Sheriff's Department set up the "Sting" in an effort to curtail thefts by netting would-be thieves.

The bicycle, valued at $800.00, and donated by Outdoor Adventures, was placed at undisclosed locations in the open, unlocked, near the University, the community of Dona Ana and Anthony.

Affixed to the bicycle was a GPS monitoring device in order that the bicycle could be tracked, "just in case."

The Operation netted three suspects, who found the temptation to great and took the bait and immediately found themselves surrounded by Sheriff's Deputies.

Arrested and charged with Larceny over $500.00 and not more than $2,500.00, a fourth degree felony, were:

HUGO CALDERON (AGE 31) of the 160 block of E. Thorpe

ANGEL ESCAPITA (AGE 20) of the 6100 block of Shalem Colony Trail

JOSE FLORES (AGE 45) of the 4300 block of Sierra Blanca, Santa Fe

All three suspects were arrested in the community of Dona Ana.

The Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department in cooperation with Outdoor Adventures, plans to conduct similar operations in the future at different locations within the County and warns would-be bicycle thieves, that shiny new bike may be under the watchful eyes of Sherriff's Deputies.