First New Mexico Republican Campaigns For 2014 Senate

Oct 28, 2013

David Clements has an appropriate first name for what he’s hoping to accomplish.

He’s running as a Republican for incumbent Democrat Tom Udall’s current U.S. Senate seat in New Mexico. Clements calls Udall a modern-day political “Goliath.”

“If someone from my generation doesn’t step up, who will? Because right now we’ve got the same types of folks that are going to Washington.”

After our interview, Clements left for Washington D.C. to look for financial support. He’s running as a republican, but hopes to attract independent voters on election day.

He describes himself as a constitutional conservative and says the biggest problem in New Mexico is cultural.

“When most people talk about New Mexico, they usually describe it as a place…heavily dependent on the federal government…I want to get away from that. I want to change the culture here.”

As a former prosecutor, an issue Clements may find divides some voters is immigration.

“If we can balance the incentives as to why people are coming in for the right reasons…and the wrong reasons while securing the border.”

“Do you think there are a lot of people who come over from Mexico for welfare reasons?

“Yeah…I’ve talked to doctors who’ve served at Memorial and Mountainview and it’s part of their lives….”

His task at this point in a campaign is clear – to get his name out.

“I wouldn’t run if I didn’t think Tom Udall was beatable. It’s gonna take an unconventional candidate to have a shot, though.”

Election day for the next U.S. senator in New Mexico is November 4, 2014.

Clements' official website is