Five Suspects Arrested In Police Murders

Juarez, Mexico – Mexican police say they've arrested five suspects in the killings of seven police officers and a bystander in the border city of Ciudad Juarez.

Authorities said today that the suspects are members of La Linea gang, the enforcement arm of the Juarez drug cartel. they say the men confessed to Friday's ambush of two police patrol trucks as they were flagged down for help by an unidentified man. Six federal police officers and one local police woman were killed.

A law enforcement task force says the suspects also confessed to 36 other slayings since 2009 and to extorting money from at least 21 businesses.

In Mexico City, meanwhile, police arrested a man accused of negotiating cocaine shipments in Central America for a gang led by Texas-born Edgar Valdez Villarreal The suspect, Dagoberto Jimenez, was arrested Sunday.

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