Five Tortoises Await Owners Or Adoptions At Shelter

May 22, 2013


  Five African spurred tortoises are sitting patiently at the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley awaiting either their owner or someone willing to adopt them.

   The tortoises, native to the Saharan desert of North Africa, are not the first of their kind to arrive at the shelter. According to Executive Director Dr. Beth Vesco-Mock, a 40-pound African spurred tortoise was brought to the shelter in 2011.

   “Its owner saw media coverage of the guy and came to pick him up,” said Vesco-Mock. “That’s what we hope happens with these five – their owner will either come get them, or we will make them available to suitable adoptive homes.”       

   Tortoises of this variety typically feast on fruits and vegetables, which shelter staff have made available.

   Anyone who may be interested in the tortoises can call the shelter directly at (575) 382-0018 or visit 3551 Bataan Memorial West.