Former Colleagues Face Off In Sheriff Race

Las Cruces, NM – Las Cruces Police Department Investigator, Democrat Juan "J.R" Stewart is running against Incumbent Sheriff Republican Todd Garrison.

Stewart, who leads the city police officer's union, says if he is elected he has plans to find and utilize state and federal grants for new programs.

Stewart-"There are tons of grants out there; I get constant calls from the governor's office saying they are going to help us in obtaining money. I will find a grant writer to go out aggressively and get these grants. We can always find money to get equipment and personnel. I know we could get the money to get the manpower and I will really push hard."

One of Stewart's top priorities for the county is creating a community relations board. He says the board will serve as a tool to stay in touch with the smaller communities in the county.

Stewart-"I'm going to have a community relation board throughout the county and meet once a month and see what their concerns are. We are going to go to all the sub stations and have individuals come and ask questions to see what can do to help them out. We need to gain their respect again."

Stewart also says he plans to create new initiatives and better utilize one's already in place that help serve the elderly, children and animals.

A story featuring Incumbent Sheriff Todd Garrison will air tomorrow on KRWG. Early voting is taking place at several locations throughout the county until Election Day on the 2nd, for a list visit