Former Federal Prosecutor Gonzales Starts Work As Judge

Aug 12, 2013

The former top federal prosecutor for New Mexico starts his new job Monday as a federal judge in Las Cruces.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that Kenneth Gonzales was sworn in Friday to his lifetime job.

Gonzales served as the U.S. Attorney for New Mexico for the past three-plus years.

He will serve as the second federal district judge in Las Cruces.

Federal judges in New Mexico designated the judgeship to be in southern New Mexico.

Gonzales says his appointment will relieve some of the pressure on other judges who have been making regular trips to Las Cruces.

As the state's top federal prosecutor, Gonzales focused on making a priority of Indian country violent crime, especially domestic violence, and launched an initiative in crimes against women.

Information from: Albuquerque Journal.

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