Fort Bliss Soldiers Charged with Cruelty

El Paso – The U.S. military says the investigation into the death of an Ohio soldier in Iraq has revealed cruelty and maltreatment by other soldiers.

Lt. Col. Kevin Olson, a spokesman for Multi-National Division-South, says the evidence of maltreatment became clear during the investigation of the Aug. 4 death of Pvt. Keiffer Wilhelm.

The Department of Defense says the 19-year-old Wilhelm, of Plymouth in northern Ohio, died in Maysan province in Iraq of injuries sustained from a noncombat-related incident.

The military said Friday that four Multi-National Division-South soldiers have been charged with cruelty and maltreatment of soldiers in their platoon.

Olson says there is no direct evidence the soldiers' alleged misconduct caused Wilhelm's death.

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