Fort Bliss Is Top Choice For Air Force Training Center

Jun 27, 2013

  Today the United States Air Force announced Fort Bliss is the preferred site for relocation of the Air Force Security Force Regional Training Center.

This training center would consolidate six training centers stationed around the United States onto Fort Bliss and would bring 137 active duty and
reservist Airmen to Fort Bliss in the current fiscal year.  The training center would also bring between 8,000 and 10,000 Airmen to Fort Bliss each
year for security forces training beginning no later than September of 2015.

"Today's announcement is an indicator that Fort Bliss represents an
important installation for the training of our Force," said Major Joe
Buccino, Fort Bliss Public Affairs Officer.  "The Air Force based its
decision on training areas and quality of facilities and infrastructure and
Fort Bliss ranks among the best installations in the Department of Defense
in those areas."

Congressman Beto O'Rourke (TX-16) said, "Today's announcement by the Air
Force is another indication that Fort Bliss is the premier military post in
the nation. Our community welcomes the additional Service Members and
Reservists. We have worked hard to make this a community that has an
excellent quality of life for our Service Members and I will continue
working with General MacFarland to do everything we can to promote the
capabilities of Fort Bliss and the community that supports it."

"The news should come as no surprise to people in El Paso," said Congressman
Gallego (TX-23). "Fort Bliss and our military families are an integral part
of El Paso, so I am pleased the Air Force has selected Fort Bliss as the
site of this very important training center. Fort Bliss is a major economic
driver for our community; this new addition only increases its impact.  From
my place on the House Armed Services Committee, I will always advocate
strongly on behalf of our military bases and our military families."

"This is great news," said Rick Glancey, Armed Forces Chair, Greater El Paso
Chamber of Commerce.  "It is an example of how El Paso and Fort Bliss
continue to work to send the right message about our community.  The
lifestyle projects outside the gate obviously resonate as a positive
message.   We know that the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps are starting to
pick up on the storyline that the largest mobilization site in the
Department of the Defense (DOD) is right here in El Paso, Texas.  As we look
for cost efficiencies in a tough budget climate, maximizing resources is

Glancey added, "When we provided a community brief to the Air Force during
the decision-making process, we knew telling the El Paso story would only
help us climb atop any list.  Not every community offers the DOD an
opportunity to get off a plane at an international airport five minutes from
the doorstep of a premier military installation. Bottom line, El Paso is a
military town and Fort Bliss and the regional military complex provides
every service the right mix for expeditionary skills training for
sustainment and pre-deployment."

"With this announcement, yesterday's news of the activation of seven
company-sized units, to include an additional Terminal High Altitude Area
Defense (THAAD) Battery, on Fort Bliss, and our regional alignment with the
Central Command Area of Responsibility, Fort Bliss is positioned as a
premier training and power projection platform for the future of the United
States military," Buccino said.