Free Dental Clinic

Feb 29, 2012


Dental care can be quite expensive even with health insurance, but there's an event taking place in Las Cruces organizers say will help keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

The New Mexico Dental Foundation and the New Mexico Dental Association are working together and giving back to the community, all while helping hundreds of people save money.

"This is a free clinic, you do not need to show any financial qualifications. There's certain health qualifications that are necessary, but all you need to do is be breathing and be very willing to stand in line," said Dr. Martin Poel, Las Cruces dentist.

This is the second Mission of Mercy event in Las Cruces. It's geared towards helping people smile again.

"Dentistry is an integral part of your health. They are showing now that dental problems can effect your health, can effect ulcers, can effect diabetes, can effect all sort of problems so, one of the first steps in having health is to have dental health," he said.

Not only are area dentists trying to convince people how important it is to take care of your teeth, they are also using the event to show legislators how crucial it is to allocate funds to take care of the working poor.

"We're trying to provide comprehensive dentistry for everyone. But we're obviously limited in terms of what we can do so, we won't be providing cast crowns, but there are things called crows that we will be providing. We will be providing fillings, surgery, restorations, children's dentistry, front teeth that are missing," he said.

Organizers hope to make the free dental care event an annual event in Las Cruces. In the meantime, it plans to host a similar one in Farmington next year.

"I've been in practice for over 35 years and there's never been such a thing as the New Mexico dentist before, there is now. In addition to helping other people this has brought our dental community together. I'm seeing people I haven't seen in years and its such a wonderful feeling to get to together and be able to provide this for people, we get as much as we give out," he adds.

The event takes place at the Las Cruces Convention Center March 2nd and 3rd from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.