On Friday, Otero County Burn Ban Will Be Lifted

Jul 17, 2013

Effective 7:00 AM July 19, 2013, Otero County has determined that due to increasedmoisture within Otero County, the present fire danger has decreased, and rescinds itsBurn Ban within unincorporated areas of Otero County enacted in May, 2013.With the lifting of the Burn Ban, Otero County residents may resume controlled burning,however, residents are reminded that these burns must comply with normal restrictionsas designated in Otero County Ordinance 91-04 which include the following; • Any person burning, shall prior to commencing, notify the Otero County Sheriff'sOffice.• Burning shall only be allowed between sunrise and sunset.• All fires shall be completely extinguished not later than complete darkness onany day.• Shall only be burned in accordance with state law and regulations of theEnvironmental Department of the State of New Mexico, Title 20, Chapter 2, Part60.The Office of Emergency Services would like to remind the residents of Otero Countythat;• Despite the return of rainfall, long-term drought conditions still exist, and urgeeveryone to be cautious with fire, especially in the mountainous regions of theCounty. Additionally fires that exceed 1000 cubic feet of material arediscouraged and fires this size or greater require a permit from the New MexicoEnvironmental Department Air Quality Bureau• Burning of household waste (burn barrels) is prohibited under the New MexicoEnvironmental Department's Air Quality Bureau, title• Fires must be attended at all times.• A water source, or means of extinguishment be available at the area beingburned. To report a controlled burn contact the Otero County Sheriff's Office at 437-2210, 1-800-8SHERIFF (1-800-874-3743), or, in the case of an emergency, dial 911.Additional information, including copies of Ordinance 91-04, and NMED 20.2.60 can alsobe obtained at or the Otero County Office of Emergency Services,1101 NewYork Ave, Alamogordo,NM 88310