Get those arms ready; Back to School Immunization time is here!

Las Cruces, NM – It won't be the funnest activity for your kids but health officials says it's well worth it.

The Department of Health announced a number of back to school immunization clinics taking place in Las Cruces beginning Monday.

Public information officer for the department of health, Chris Minnick, says many of the free immunizations are required to enter school. He adds that they're the best way to protect children from serious, preventable diseases.

"You know, one of the things that we don't see, especially with younger parents. Younger parents don't know what it's like to have a child with a serious illness like polio or measles or rubella. We just know these as words we don't know them as actual diseases; and the reason why we don't see these diseases anymore is because of immunizations. Immunizations are doing their job in protecting kids against these life threatening and sometimes life-changing diseases."

Four of the six back to school immunization clinics will be held at the Cineport Ten movie theater at the Mesilla Valley Mall, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and again the following Monday.

On Thursday the clinic will take place at the Mayfield High School Auxiliary Gym, and on Friday Health officials will be at the Camino Real Middle School Gymnasium.

In addition to the back to school immunizations, health officials will also hold the next series of Got Shots? Protect Tots! immunization campaign for children of all ages.

For more information visit, or call 1-866-406-1919.