Google Honors Roswell With "Doodle"

Jul 8, 2013

Google is marking the 66th anniversary of a New Mexico newspaper's report of a captured "flying saucer" with an interactive Doodle.

The search engine posted Monday the Doodle on its home page. The retro-looking black and white game allows users to help the outer space visitor return to a planet far, far away by locating supplies.

The Doodle loosely is based on accounts from a July 8, 1947 Roswell Daily Record story that reported that a disk "was recovered on a ranch." The report also said the Roswell Army Air Field took possession of the unknown craft.

Those reports, and conspiracies around the finding's cover-up, sparked a popular culture phenomenon around Roswell that annually attracts UFO aficionados to the city to honor the supposed landing.

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