Gov. Martinez To Announce Proposals On Child Welfare

Apr 2, 2014

Credit Office of the Governor

The office of New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez says she will announce proposals and steps to improve children's well-being and child abuse investigations.

Martinez's office says she'll be announcing numerous directives and initiatives that include steps to retain more child-welfare caseworkers.

It says others are designed to improve communication between child welfare caseworkers and law enforcement officers and to change how caseworkers interact with families with multiple investigations of alleged mistreatment.

Martinez's announcement Wednesday comes in the wake of reports that authorities didn't adequately respond to previous signs of trouble involving the family of a 9-year-old Albuquerque boy who died in December.

Omaree Varela's mother has been arrested in his death, which occurred after he and his family had come into contact with police under various circumstances.

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