Gov. Susana Martinez Proposes 3% Budget Increase

Jan 6, 2014

Gov. Susana Martinez is proposing a 3 percent spending increase on education and state government programs next year, but no across-the-board pay raise for public employees.

Credit Office of the Governor

The Republican governor on Monday released the administration's budget recommendations for the upcoming legislative session. Martinez called for spending nearly $6.1 billion in the fiscal year starting in July, an increase of almost $179 million.

The governor proposed a smaller budget increase than the Legislative Finance Committee, which recommended a 4.3 percent or nearly $254 million spending increase.

Martinez recommended $14 million for targeted pay raises covering almost a third of the state workforce, including state police and prison correctional officers. The LFC has proposed a 1.5 percent pay raise for all state and school workers, with higher increases for many employees

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