Group Seeks Input To Improve Health Insurance Enrollment Under Affordable Care Act

Jun 3, 2014

Healthcare advocates lead by the Southwest Women’s Law Center are looking for ways to improve the healthcare enrollment process for the next enrollment period slated to run from November 15, 2014 through  February 15, 2015.

The Southwest Women’s Law Center is seeking feedback from all New Mexicans by asking residents to complete a survey designed to capture the pros and cons of the health insurance enrollment process.  The survey can be access through the internet using the following web address: 

The Law Center is also seeking input from those who needed health insurance, but did not complete the enrollment process.  
When asked about the barriers to health insurance enrollment he witnessed, Erik Lujan, a certified healthcare guide in New Mexico responded by stating, “Many people found the process confusing and intimidating.  In addition, there was often misinformation circulating about the enrollment process.”   During the first enrollment period, almost 33,000 people signed up for healthcare insurance through the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange (NMHIX).  
Pamelya Herndon, Executive Director of the Southwest Women’s Law commented, “During the first enrollment period, we were able to educate many New Mexicans about the enrollment process, and help them sign up for the health insurance they needed.  We know we can help many more people get enrolled once we find out what prevented them from either starting the enrollment process or completing it.”  
The Southwest Women’s Law Center will use the survey feedback to provide recommendations to the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange on how to improve the enrollment process and get more residents to sign up for health insurance coverage.  For more information, contact staff attorney Paige Duhamel or by phone at 505-244-0502.