Hatch Man Charged With Five Counts Of Attempted Murder By Injecting Poison In Wine

Las Cruces – Dona Ana County Sheriff's Investigators last night arrested DOMINGO "TITO" GOMEZ, age 51, of the 120 block of Jean Avenue, Hatch, charging him with five (5) counts of: Attempt to Commit a Felony (First Degree Murder).

According to Sheriff's Investigator Ben Martin, GOMEZ, between January 2008 and March of 2008, allegedly, on five different occasions, attempted to poison his then estranged wife and his mother-in-law by allegedly injecting "carbofuran" a known pesticide which was banned from agricultural usage in December of 2009, in their glass of wine.

Carbofuran is highly toxic if swallowed, which will elicit symptoms in humans such as headaches, light-headedness, weakness, abdominal cramps, nausea, excessive salivation, perspiration and blurred vision.

More sever signs can include tearing, pin-point pupils, excessive respiratory secretions (like Pneumonia-fluid build up in lungs), cyanosis, convulsions, generalized tremors and coma.

The Victims, according to Court documents filed by Investigator Ben Martin, described the same symptoms.

The on-going investigation, stemming over a two-year period, culminated with the arrest of GOMEZ at 6:00 p.m. last night, while he was coming out of the Families and Youth building on Solano Drive.

GOMEZ was arrested without incident.

Magistrate Judge Oscar Frietze set bond at $45,000.00 (cash).

GOMEZ is currently being detained at the Dona Ana County Detention Center.