Heinrich and Wilson Square Off in Las Cruces

Oct 18, 2012

Heather Wilson and Martin Heinrich squared off in a debate at the Dona Ana County elections office.

“I’d like to present this to Mr. Heinrich,” said Wilson.

Heather Wilson gave Martin Heinrich a present on his birthday.

“It was quite nice, you know, that was very gracious of her.”

But many of the niceties ended there.

Jobs and the economy were a big focus.

“And there is nothing more important to New Mexico today than economic growth and job creation.”

“An American where you prosper if you work hard and play by the rules.”

Coal production mentioned in the presidential debate – came up as a point of contention.

“And if coal is a thing of the past, then low cost energy bills are also a thing of the past. I’m going to stand up and fight for those jobs,” said Wilson

“Speaking of jobs, congresswoman Wilson recently called all those jobs in renewable a green dream,” said Heinrich.

The proposed national monument at the Organ Mountains came up.

Cheers and boos came from the crowd after Martin Heinrich’s comment.

“And because of a little thing called climate change, which my opponent refuses to recognize.”

Heinrich says he is for the monument. “There’s an overwhelming support for a new national monument in Dona Ana County and I’m very happy to join the local support and help make that happen.

But Wilson says she won’t support it unless she has questions answered.

“The question is, do we put 25 percent of Dona Ana County into a national monument without resolving all of the issues with respect to security law enforcement grazing and access.”

Immigration policy, gay marriage, Medicare and social security were also mentioned at the debate.