Henderson: It's Time For New Mexico To Stop Wasting Money At Spaceport America

Sep 1, 2017

Commentary: Before the 53rd Legislative Session started, I perused reports and analyses of state agencies put out by the Legislative Finance Committee.  I was most interested in the Spaceport.  Spaceport platitudinarians wish I, and any other critics, would quit looking, digging and sharing with our fellow tax payers.  Spaceport has gotten so bad about hiding damning information, and restricting transparency, they adopted burdensome Inspection of Public Records Act rules which have numerous times been struck down by the Attorney General’s Office.  Make you wonder what they have to hide?  Spaceport also claims to have a complex accounting system that people like me with an education from R.O. Anderson School of Management at UNM, would just not understand.  For folks around here, profit and loss is easily understood, especially loss!  Spaceport wants $5.4 million to do “special events”, but LFC only wants to give them $5 million.  Oh, but they can still skim off $600,000 for operations annually from the Spaceport GRT meant to pay off our debt to build Richardson’s Folly.

   The Spaceport’s failure has so adversely affected TorC, that our opprobrious leaders recently attempted another camorra to legislate suing anybody who criticizes the Spaceport, and their failed visitor center, as obstructing visitation to TorC.  What?!  Confirmation bias?!  No more citizen demonstrations either!  Oh, but wait!  Who did I see at the TorC Women’s March?  That “Gag-order” initiator who took away the Senior Rec Center for the Spaceport Visitor Fail.  That former back door visitor at felony city manager Jaime Aguilera’s office during the Hot Springs Land Development scandal.  The same guy who proclaimed himself TorC’s tourism tsar upon migration here several years ago.  A solid member of the downtown leaders who have created and perpetuated 20 years of economic bobbery for TorC.  Predictable people!

   So, what do you suppose our Legislators will do?  Continue to ignore the effluvium that hovers over the Spaceport?  Continue to believe cutting funds from our state’s real future, our children, is in our best interests?  Continue to short our Judiciary and public safety?  Continue to short New Mexicans’ health and quality of life?