High School Transfer Process Concludes In Las Cruces

Apr 26, 2012

LAS CRUCES – More than 400 LCPS students who are currently in 8th-through-11th grades will receive a letter from Superintendent Stan Rounds in the coming days telling them whether their transfer application to a different school has been approved.  February 1 through April 16 was the open enrollment period when high school students could apply to attend a school outside of their home attendance zone, said Director of Communications Jo Galvan. 

              “Families who have e-mails on file with LCPS have already started to receive electronic messages from the Superintendent regarding his decision on their transfer applications,” Galvan said.  “For others, a letter has been mailed informing them of the Superintendent’s decision.”

              Students whose transfers have been approved should contact their new school counselor or registrar and schedule an appointment to discuss their courses for the 2012/13 school year, Galvan said.

              District officials said this school year, the applications were personally reviewed by the Superintendent to ensure the projected 2012/13 enrollments for Las Cruces, Mayfield, and Oñate high schools, and the new Centennial High School, were not significantly different from what they were last fall when the high schools were redistricted.

“The transfer requests we received show a good mixture, with the large high schools picking up some students and losing some students,” said Galvan.  “The Superintendent kept a close watch over the process making sure that no single school was overburdened by a huge number of either incoming- or outgoing-students.”

              In addition to student population, Galvan said the Superintendent also reviewed any fluctuation created by the transfer requests to the socio-economic balance for each school.

              “It was important to strike a good balance as the process concluded,” said Superintendent Stan Rounds.  “I believe we accomplished that.”

Galvan said if parents of students who requested transfers do not receive a letter or e-mail from the Superintendent by Tuesday, May 1, they are asked to contact the LCPS Secondary Instruction Office at 527-5889.

In addition, if a student applied for a transfer after the application deadline of April 16, 2012, the Superintendent will review that student’s request on an individual, case-by-case basis, and will notify the student and parents of his decision regarding the transfer request in the coming weeks.