Holloman Announces Increased Security

Alamogordo – Officials with the 49th Wing have increased the Force Protection Condition level of the base to FPCON Charlie in conjunction with a base-wide exercise.

The heightened security measures apply to all members of Team Holloman to include DoD military and civilian personnel and supporting defense contractors, as well as all persons visiting any facilities on Holloman.

Regular visitors to Holloman can expect delays at all entry gates, along with random vehicle checks by security forces personnel, as the Force Protection Condition levels increase.

Anyone entering the base should be prepared for 100 percent ID checks and the possibility of showing a second form of identification, if required.

Traffic routes on base could be diverted due to exercise situations so please allow plenty of extra time when attempting to reach your destination.

Some services areas such as the Commissary, Base Exchange and Military Personnel Flight could see delays. In addition, medical appointments and pharmacy hours could also be affected.

The FPCON system is directed by the Department of Defense to position military facilities against possible threats. These levels can be adjusted by commanders based on local conditions, specific threat information or guidance from higher headquarters.

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