Holloman Prepares For First Major Inspection Since 2004

Alamogordo – Team Holloman participated in a Operational Readiness Exercise Jan. 25 through 27 that evaluated the base's ability to respond to a short-notice deployment of more than 400 personnel from a cross-section of jobs.

The ORE was also in preparation for an upcoming Operational Readiness Inspection scheduled for April, which will be the wing's first major inspection since 2004.

The ORI will test the base's ability to support a major combat operation with very short notice and each unit will play a role in the assessment, said Col. David Krumm, 49th Wing commander, during a Commander's Call in November 2010.

"This practice will help us stay focused on our day-to-day mission and it will help us focus if we get called upon," Colonel Krumm said regarding the exercises leading up to the ORI. "We have to prove to them that we are ready."

An ORE is conducted to prepare the base for a mass deployment of assets or to keep mass deployment movement current in the minds and actions of personnel, thus ensuring combat-readiness, said 2nd Lt. Katelyn Riley, officer in charge of the Personnel Deployment Function line.

"The ORE ensures we have all of our personal and professional affairs squared away, and shows us how the deployment process works, so when show time comes, we can perform to the best of our abilities," said Senior Airman Martin Rodriguez, 49th Comptrollers Squadron and deployer during the ORE.

A major process that will be heavily-evaluated during the ORI is the deployment line. To prepare for the evaluators, the PDF line has made advances towards processing potential deployers at a much faster rate.

"Much planning and thought has gone into the deployment process and we are now in the process of perfecting the deployment machine," said Lieutenant Riley. "Fewer issues that need to be worked out are being identified, and the whole process is running much smoother than in past OREs."

The thought put into planning at the PDF was noticed by at least one deployer.

"Going through the PDF line was quick, painless and professional," said Airman Rodriguez. "The process was significantly faster than my previous deployments and also better organized. The staff on the processing line were very attentive to their duties."

Lieutenant Riley realizes the ORI and OREs require a team effort, so she encourages units from across the wing to continue their hard work in getting ready for the ORI.

"Keep up the hard work Team Holloman. Remember, we all have a role to play in this and whatever your duties are during the Phase One," she said. "Every action is important in contributing to our ORI success."