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Las Cruces, NM – Welcome to the Images Archive Page. Below you will find a listing of past Images programs. Due to storage space, we can only provide audio of the most current 3 months of past programs. If you see a program that does not have an audio link and would like to know more about it, please contact Carrie Hamblen at


8/6/2005 Images with Gloria Littlefield and Ramon Quiroga from Gadsden High School Commentator: Bill Vuroala on Wedding Crashers

8/13/2005 Images with Robin and John Pickering from Handprints Therapy Services. Commentator: Jackye Meienecke on getting ready for fall


7/2/2005 Images with Nuclear Engineer Marge Asprey. Commentator: Jackye Meinecke on enjoying comfortable temperaturs in our garden

7/9/2005 Images Never before heard with Tom Smith, Marge Asprey and Fred Stern. Commentator: None this week

7/16/2005 Encore broadcast of Kurt Anderson and Gary Worth on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. They just received more funding. Commentator: None this week

7/23/2005 Images with Norma Amador from Camino de Vida Center for HIV services. Commentator: Bill Vuroala on his summer picks

7/30/2005 Technical difficulties, encore of last weeks program


6/4/2005 Images with Nuclear Engineer Marge Asprey. Commentator: Jackye Meinecke on enjoying comfortable temperaturs in our garden

6/11/2005 Images with Rainbow Maker Fred Stern. Commentator: Bill Vuroala

6/18/2005 Images with Kim Hollett, publisher of the Southern New Mexico Women's Journal. Commentator: None this week

6/25/2005 Images with Carol Miller, co-chair of the New Mexico Green Party. Commentator: None this week.


5/7/2005 Images with Ben Woods, Vice President of Human and Physical Resources at NMSU. Commentator: Jackye Meinecke on the welcome and unwelcome critters in our garden

5/14/2005 Images Never before heard with Irene Newlon and Ben Woods. Commentator: None this week

5/21/2005 Images with Tom Smith, recently appointed the Producing Artistic Director of ASTC. Commentator: None this week

5/28/2005 Images encore with Ana Pacheco from La Herencia magazine. Commentator: None this week.


4/2/2005 A special fundraiser edition of Images, where we feature never before heard segments from Bob Diven, Diana Bustamante and Beth O'Leary.. Commentator: Jackye Meinecke and patience with our weather

4/9/2005 Images with Dona Ana County Commissioner and Chair Bill McCamley.

4/16/2005 Images congratulating Irene Oliver Lewis and Cynthia Bejarano, recipients of this years REACH awards. Commentator: Bill Vuroala and Little Shop of Horrors.

4/23/2005 Images with Becky Horner, director of the Dona Ana Chapter of the March of Dimes. Commentator: None this week.

4/30/2005 Images with Irene Newlon, Executive Director of Jardin De Los Ninos. Commentator: None this week.


3/5/2005 Images Never Before Heard with Beth O'Leary, Diana Bustamante and Bob Diven. Commentator: Jackye Meinecke and patience with our weather

3/12/2005 Images with Diane Prindeville, the director of Women's Studies and Neil Harvey, the director of the Center for Latin American and Border Studies.

3/19/2005 Pre-empted for the special "Sisters in Pain"

2/26/2005 Images featuring the second half of an interview with the director of Women's Studies, Diane Prindeville. Commentator: None this week


2/5/2005 Images with Dr. Margie Huerta, Campus Executive Officer of the Dona Ana Branch Community College. Commentator: None this week

2/12/2005 Images talk with artist, painter and actor Bob Diven. (Part 1)

2/19/2005 Images with NMSU Anthropology professor and member of the Cultural Properties Review Committee, Beth O?Leary. Commentator: None this week

2/26/2005 Images featuring the second part of a talk with artist, playwrite and actor Bob Diven. Commentator: None this week


1/29/2005 Images with Paula Geisler, director of the McCray Gallery in Silver City. Commentator: Bill Vuroala
1/22/2005 Images with Diana Bustamante, Director fot the Colonias Development Council. Commentator: None this week
1/15/2005 Images revisits the Live Oak Project with Kevin McIlvoy, Elizabeth Hamel, Barclay Kuhn and Frank Carden. Commentator: Bill Vuroala-Oceans' Twelve
1/8/2005 Images looks back on 2004 Part 2. Guests include: Troy Franklin, Paul Trujillo and Janet from Camino de Vida, Frank Thayer, Anil Mangla, Kevin McIlvoy, George Jarden and Tom Smith
1/1/2005 Images looks back on 2004 Part 1. Guests include: Kurt Anderson, Joni Gutierrez, Steve Pasternack, Alice Gorman, Cynthia Bejarano, Sue Boggio and Mare Pearl. Commentator: Bill Vuroala-Oceans' Twelve



12/25/2004 Images explores the sights, sounds and tastes of Christmas in Las Cruces. Commentator: Sunny Conley-Tamales

12/18/2004 Pre-empted for Holiday programming

12/11/2004 Never Before Heard Images with Anil Mangla, Anne LaBastille, George Jarden and Tom Smith. Commentator: Bill Vuroala-A Company of Wayward Saints

12/4/2004 Images with George Jarden and Tom Smith from "The Animals' Christmas". Commentator: Jackye Meinecke-Holiday Traditions


11/27/2004 Images with Frank Carden. Part 4 of the Live Oak Project Series.

11/20/2004 Images with Barclay Kuhn. Part 3 of the Live Oak Project Series. Commentator: Sunny Conley-First Thanksgivings

11/13/2004 Images with Elizabeth Hamel. Part 2 of the Live Oak Project Series.

11/6/2004 Images with Kevin McIlvoy. Part 1 of the Live Oak Project Series. Commentator: Jackye Meinecke

10/30/04 Dr. Anne La Bastille, author, ecologist and internationally known conservationist. Commentator: Sunny Conley-history of the chile "bite"

10/23/04 Encore of interview with Sheriff Juan Hernandez, who announced yesterday (Friday) that he is stepping down immediately due to health reasons. No Commentator.

10/16/04 Preview of the Live Oak Series to be broadcast throughout the month of November No Commentator

10/09/04 Dr. Anil Mangle, a disease specialist with the Minnesota United Nations Association and the chair of the Global Health and Infectious Disease Committee. No Commentator.

10/2/04 Former NMSU Alum Sylvia Acevedo. She?s the President and CEO of Communicard. Commentator: Jackye Meinecke-Adjusting to Fall.

9/25/04 Never before heard with Jack Noel, Jeannie Izzo and Robyn Rivas. Commentators: Bill Vuroala-?Without a Paddle? and Sunny Conley-the Lyle family and red chile sauce.

9/18/04 Remembering Steve Pasternack with Frank Thayer, Journalism Department Head. No Commentator.

9/11/04 Pre-empted for "Witnesses to Terror" from PRI.

9/04/04 Encore of interview with Troy Franklin, director of Black Programs at NMSU. Commentator: Jackye Meinecke-the signs of Fall.

If you see a program that does not have an audio link and would like to know more about it, please contact Carrie Hamblen at


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