Immigrant Rights Group: Governor has lost her 5 year war against immigrant families

Feb 12, 2016


Somos Statement Regarding Driver's License Compromise: "The Governor has lost her 5 year war against New Mexico's immigrant families. Undocumented Immigrants will continue to drive legally in New Mexico long after she is out of office. First she wanted to cancel our licenses, and the legislature said no. Then, she wanted to deny us the ability to apply or renew our licenses, and the legislature said no.This year, she insisted on giving us a discriminatory driver's certificate that would single out undocumented families, and the legislature said no. And tonight, she along with Representatives Pacheco and Nunez conceded on fingerprinting the 90,000 immigrant New Mexicans who have lived and worked in our state. Although new immigrant applicants will be subjected to fingerprinting, an unnecessary measure that we do not support, we are proud that legislators stood up to Rep. Pacheco's original  dangerous fingerprinting proposal and they included safeguards so that this administration cannot use this biometric information to aid in the deportation and separation of our families. Ultimately, with the help of many allies, our families were able to put a stop this governor's divisive anti immigrant agenda."