Important Issues For DAC In Special Election

Jul 18, 2013

On July 30th, Dona Ana County has the opportunity to vote on 3 Bond Questions and one Tax question that will impact county services.

One bond question before the voters is for $6 Million to construct and equip a new 911 Regional Dispatch. The current one used by Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority is housed in a former bank in Downtown Las Cruces and is facing serious challenges.

“If our electronics or our phones are compromised there is no redundant system to back them up, because this buildings electrical capacity is maxed out,” said Jess Williams, Dona Ana County Public Information Director.

Another question on the ballot is for voters to approve a $1 million bond that will go towards improvements at The Southern New Mexico Fairgrounds with the goal of supporting more economic development in the region.

Dona Ana County Voters also have the opportunity to vote for an $800,000 bond to improve an existing building for Court Hold Animal Housing to provide more secure and humane facilities for the animals.

“These animals are evidence. By law the courts have said that we have to keep these animals until we get a final disposition on the case,” said Robin Gojkovich, Criminal Investigator, Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department.

A gross receipts tax question is on the ballot to approve 25 cents to every $100 retail purchase in Dona Ana County in order to fund operations for a 911 regional dispatch, Ambulance services through the county, and Fund operations of The Dona Ana County Crisis Triage Center.

Voters can take part in early voting until July 27th for the special election that will be held on July 30th.