Indicted Sheriff Accused In Another Traffic Stop

Sep 2, 2014

Federal prosecutors say a New Mexico sheriff accused of roughing up a motorist made another questionable traffic stop in which he tailgated a driver without his emergency lights on and later threatened to arrest her.

Court papers filed last week say Rio Arriba County Sheriff Thomas Rodella tailgated a 52-year-old woman two months before authorities say he dragged a driver from his car and threw him to the ground during an off-duty traffic case.

The latest documents said Rodella rapidly approached Yvette Maes at night without his emergency lights on and tailgated her until he pulled over a short distance in front of her. Then he demanded to know why she didn't stop sooner because he was headed to an emergency.

He called her actions road rage and threatened to take her to jail. Court papers said he then left the scene.

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