Interview- NMSU Center for Latin American and Border Studies Director, Inigo Garcia Bryce

Las Cruces, NM – On Fronteras: A Changing America, the federal government takes a small step to make it easier for foreign students to study, and stay here.Millions of international students get an education in the U.S. and then take their knowledge and skills home. But experts say we should be doing more to keep them here.

Also, foreign-owned factories on the Mexican side of the border may make their owners wealthier, but some workers say they're being exploited. We hear maquiladora workers in their own words.

Frontera NorteSur is an online publication sponsored by NMSU's Center for Latin American and Border Studies. The publication delivers important border related news to readers around the state and nation. Center Interim Director Inigo Garcia-Bryce is in the studio to talk about the publication as well as the centers Fall Speaker Series.