Kindergarten Class Donates Stuffed Animals

Dec 28, 2012

A kindergarten class at Hillrise Elementary School participated in the act of giving rather than receiving during the holiday season, donating more than two dozen stuffed animals to the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department.

   Mrs. Lerma’s class, with the help of educational assistant Mrs. Banegas personally helped Sheriff Todd Garrison pile the toys into two large plastic bags before their two-week winter break. The toys will be given to deputies in the field who use them to comfort small children during times of crisis or emergencies.

   “I am always overwhelmed when we receive these donations,” said Sheriff Garrison, “but to see children willingly go into their toy boxes and selflessly give away their own things to put a smile on a child’s face they will likely never see is just an absolute joy. I am so grateful to them.”

   The stuffed animals were collected through the month of December as part of a class community project. Children were asked to bring either a new teddy bear or a gently-used stuffed animal from home.

All donations were officially given to the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department during a Pajama Day party before the winter holiday.