Kirtland Wants To Yank Reports On Fuel Spill

Sep 3, 2014

Credit Kirtland Air Force Base

Kirtland Air Force Base's commander says reports on contamination of the aquifer in Albuquerque are flawed and incomplete and that more time is needed to come up with a final plan to clean up a long-ago spill of jet fuel.

Col. Tom Miller told state environmental regulators in an Aug. 27 letter that the Air Force wants to formally withdraw thousands of pages of reports submitted in March. He cites data gaps, clerical errors and other circumstances.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that the depth and spread of the fuel contamination has yet to be determined.

The Air Force agreed in early August to drill additional monitoring wells near the base to try to determine the size and location of the contamination.

The spill was discovered in 1999.

Information from: Albuquerque Journal. 

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