KRWG ALERT: Burglaries Rise 25 Percent

Las Cruces – The Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department has seen a rise in the rate of burglaries in the past several weeks, raising concern.

Burglaries in the past three weeks have risen 25 per cent in the County.

The City has seen a substantial rise in the rate of burglaries as well.

Sheriff's Investigators along with Las Cruces Police Department Detectives are working together, as well as the uniform patrol divisions from both departments, in order to curb the rise in burglaries.

Citizens are asked to be on the look out for any unusual activity in their neighborhood, such as vehicles not normally seen in that area and persons on foot asking for directions or work, or persons knocking on doors.

The burglars are not targeting specific areas during the daytime hours, but rather randomly picking areas within the County and City.

Anyone observing any "suspicious" activity is asked to call Central Dispatch at 575.526.0795. An officer will respond and you can remain anonymous.