KRWG ALERT: Las Cruces Named Most Likely Small City For Speed Traps

Las Cruces – The National Motorists Association has named Las Cruces the most likely small city in New Mexico to get a speeding ticket; Albuquerque was named most likely overall. In Texas, Houston was named most likely overall, while Tyler was the most likely small city.

To view information on over 60,000 specific speed trap reports by city, state or province, you can visit the Exchange at

The website lists specific locations where Las Cruces Police patrol, including areas where drivers have to brake all the way down a hill in order to maintain a posted speed limit.

Fines in Las Cruces are steep...typically 111 dollars including court costs for speeding tickets.

Drivers are also warned to "count to one" at stop signs. If an officer determines a driver has not made a complete stop, the ticket is 164 dollars.