KRWG Alert: Phony Door-To-Door Sales In Las Cruces

Las Cruces – Police are warning Las Cruces residents of aggressive door-to-door solicitors who may be trying to mooch customers with inaccurate or false information.

At least one security alarm company, Central Alarm Inc., has learned that door-to-door solicitors - purportedly from an out-of-state company - are knocking on doors and using inaccurate information in an attempt to fool customers into believing that their security equipment is not working or in need of repair.

According to Central Alarm Inc., their monitoring systems are working just fine.

The unlicensed door-to-door solicitors may be trying to steal customers with inaccurate information or they may be using their visit as a ruse to gain access to area homes.

Las Cruces Police regularly receive reports of door-to-door solicitations on security alarms, magazine subscriptions and re-roofing work. While some of these solicitations may be legitimate business, others may be unlawful and potentially harmful to consumers.

Police suggest that residents refrain from providing personal and financial information to door-to-door solicitors and to exercise caution when answering the door to anyone.

Just as consumers are warned about providing personal or financial information over the telephone, the same caution should be exercised when dealing with neighborhood solicitors.

Residents who have information on potentially illegitimate door-to-door sale are asked to call police at (575) 526-0795. Residents who have concerns about their security alarm system should contact their provider directly.