La Catrina Quartet

Las Cruces – An interview with La Catrina Quartet, one of the rising stars in the classical music world, and now the quartet-in-residence at New Mexico State University.

La Catrina Quartet (featured as one of the "next generation of classical stars" at Carnegie Hall) is now the quartet-in-residence at New Mexico State University. In this interview from their visit to the area in November 2008, they discuss Mexican composers Emmanuel Arias y Luna and Silvestre Revueltas, American composer Zae Munn, and their commitment to teaching a new generation of young musicians. The musical selections in the interview include La Catrina's recordings of:
1.) Emmanuel Arias y Luna: "Jarabe," from "Sonoralia," Opus 3;
2.) Zae Munn, "Our Hands Were Tightly Clenched" (2003);
3.) Silvestre Revueltas, "Musica de Feria," recorded by John Cone in concert, Nov. 20, 2007, at the San Albino Church in Mesilla, during La Catrina's earlier visit to the area.

The musicians of La Catrina are violinists Daniel Vega-Albela and Blake Espy, violist Jorge Martinez and cellist Alan Daowz.
Interview recorded and broadcast from the studios of KRWG-FM 90.7 on Wednesday, November 19, 2008.