Larger Share Of Legislature's Bills Become Law

Mar 13, 2014

New Mexico lawmakers ended up with a better track record of enacting legislation this year.

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez vetoed 11 percent of the bills passed by the Democratic-controlled Legislature during its recent session.

When lawmakers last met for 30 days, the governor rejected nearly 17 percent of bills. Thirteen bills were vetoed out of 77 approved by the Legislature in 2012.

Wednesday was the deadline for Martinez to sign or veto measures from this year's session. The governor vetoed 10 bills and signed 81, including some in which she made changes with line-item vetoes.

Of this year's vetoes, the governor rejected two measures by not acting on them — a practice known as a "pocket veto." For those, the governor doesn't send a message to lawmakers explaining her decision.

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