Las Cruces Adds 13 To Hazmat Team

Mar 14, 2012


The Las Cruces Fire Department has added 13 members to the Las Cruces Hazardous Materials Response Team. After a grueling 4 weeks of training to include advance chemistry, offensive mitigation, and community protection techniques, firefighters Lucio Avalos, John Montoya, David Chavez, Michael Davenport, Karen Dolezal, Jeremy Eckhart, Michael Graham, Cody Haver, Anthony Brown, Jeremiah Lay, Michael Poppy, Coy Roberts, and Jacob Trujillo passed 4 written exams and 4 hands-on action scenarios.

The training entailed more than 160 hours of classroom and hands-on learning. The final exams were 4 scenarios that included a chemical industrial accident, an illegal methamphetamine laboratory, Weapons of Mass Destruction incident, and finally an onsite chemical pipeline rupture. A group of over 12 certified instructors from Las Cruces Fire Department were instrumental in teaching these 13 new LCHMRT members.

The Las Cruces Fire Department  Hazardous Response Team is a Type I team and to become part of the team you have to pass a curriculum that meets the National Fire Protection Association standards, the highest standards in the US and Europe. A Type 1 Hazardous Materials Team has the greatest intervention capability of any hazardous materials response resource. The nearest Type 1 team is located in Phoenix, AZ.