Las Cruces Brawl Leads To Serious Injury and Multiple Arrests

Las Cruces – Earlier this morning at approximately 2:00 a.m Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to the 9500 block of Polaris Street, Las Cruces, in reference to a domestic incident involving a woman, her boyfriend and two brothers.

According to Sheriff's Investigator Carlos Montoya, ANGELITA HERNANDEZ, age 30, a mother of six, was involved in a domestic incident with her boyfriend, age 26, when she allegedly punched her boyfriend in the nose, causing his nose to bleed and then allegedly threw a beer can towards him, nearly striking him with the beer can.

HERNANDEZ'S brothers, JAIME SALAZAR, age 18, and MARTIN SALAZAR, age 20, who were present at the time and consuming alcohol with HERNANDEZ, rushed HERNANDEZ'S boyfriend and allegedly proceeded to strike out at the Victim with closed fist.

The two brother's according to Investigator Montoya, at first attempted to throw the Victim through a pane glass window.

The Victim fell to the ground and the brother's simultaneously, allegedly, stomped on the head of the VICTIM repeatedly with their shoes until the Victim lost consciousness, leaving shoe print impressions on the Victim's face and head.

The Victim was transported to Mountain View Hospital and then airlifted to University Medical Center, El Paso, with serious head injuries.

Four of HERNANDEZ'S children, ranging in ages eight to two years old, were found sleeping together on the floor of the kitchen. Two of HERNANDEZ'S six children, currently live in California.

HERNANDEZ was charged with one misdemeanor count of Battery against a Household Member and one misdemeanor count of Assault against a Household Member.

The SALAZAR'S, MARTIN and JAIME were each charged with one third degree count of Aggravated Battery (Great Bodily Harm).

HERNANDEZ and the SALAZAR'S are currently being detained at the Dona Ana County Detention Center.

The Victim is currently being treated at University Medical Center for multiple fractures to his face.