Las Cruces Businessman And Former State Senator Confirmed To State Investment Council

Las Cruces – The New Mexico State Senate confirmed the appointment of former State Senator and Las Cruces businessman Leonard Lee Rawson as a member of the New Mexico State Investment Council.

Senate Minority Leader Stuart Ingle sponsored Rawson's confirmation on the Senate Floor for the two-year term and spoke highly of his former colleague today.

"Lee Rawson has a wealth of knowledge that will continue to benefit the state of New Mexico as he serves as a public member on the State Investment Council," Senator Ingle said today. "Lee Rawson is known for his high integrity, keen sense of rightness, professionalism in all he does and his desire for good government. All of Rawson's qualities are vital on the State Investment Council that deals with billions and billions of state dollars."

The primary responsibility of the SIC is to manage the state's $14 billion permanent trust funds including the Land Grant Permanent Fund, the Severance Tax Permanent Fund and the Tobacco Settlement Fund. It also provides investment management services to nineteen other New Mexico clients such as the New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority and the State Land Office.

The Senate confirmed Rawson's appointment unanimously, 36-0.

Rawson served in a leadership position for a majority of the 15 years he represented Southern New Mexico from 1993 to 2008 in the Senate. Prior to being elected State Senator, he was elected to three two-year terms in the New Mexico House of Representatives beginning in 1987.

Rawson is a licensed general contractor, is the owner of various businesses including Rawson, Inc. Builders Supply and is a member of various boards including the Builders Trust of New Mexico.

Rawson is one of four public members appointed by the Legislative Council. Due to legislation that passed during the 2010 session, the composition of the State Investment Council changed and now includes those four public members; the Governor, the State Treasurer, the Commissioner of Public Lands; the Secretary for the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration: the Chief Financial Officer for a state University and two public members appointed by the Governor.