Las Cruces City Council Oks Sustainability Action Plan

Las Cruces, NM – The City Council voted to approve a plan that will take the city onward when it comes to use of natural resources and energy.

The vote came after the council tabled the plan late February due to numerous questions. The plan has been in development for around fourteen months and the goals were created with public comment at several meetings over the past year.

The plan contains eight main goals the city will work towards over the next few years. Included is increasing energy efficiency, accelerating deployment of renewable energy, ensuring a sustainable water supply, reducing and recycling solid waste and conserving habitat and ecosystems.

The council previously asked for language in the plan to be modified in regard to objectives and actions as well as other changes that involve reorganization.

City Councilor Nathan Small says local input and outreach laid the foundation for the plan.

Small-"As we move forward I'm sure there will continue to be revisions as we get a resolution in place that provides the framework. Hope fully, the dialogue we have seen can help as specific policies get formulated and move forward. I think what folks have suggested have been very good improvements and we have a very good product to move forward with today."

Some questions still remain, but the council and city officials felt it was time to move the entire plan forward.

The final vote was six to one with Councilor Dolores Connor voting no.