Las Cruces Considers Change To Temporary Signs

Las Cruces, NM – On Monday during a work session the council discussed the interpretation and applications of current sign codes. Local businesses throughout the area commonly use banner and flag-type signs on a temporary basis.

Recent public comments have argued that the city's policy for temporary signs is anti-business.

The current sign code states that the size, location or construction of a sign must not endanger the public health and safety of individuals or confuse, mislead or obstruct vision for traffic safety.

Current temporary sign code allows for one free standing and three attached signs no more than one hundred square feet. There are also set time limits for each type of display, but the time period for promotional signs was the focus.

Four promotional signs are allowed for ten days a year which only allows for a maximum of forty days. Councilor Nathan Small says for many small businesses in the community this greatly affects business.

Small-" For those folks who are working hard to play by the rules, who have seen a legitimate improvement in their business and who are part of the foundation of small business in our community I think it's a small, but important step to look at a significant enhancement of that promotional option. When the downside is allowed, but the benefit isn't allowed we need to target and look for a solution."

Small suggested increasing the timeframe to around one hundred days for putting up promotional signs to accommodate both policy and welfare of small businesses.

City officials say the time extension can be done relatively soon, but any other comprehensive official amendments to the sign codes would take around six months to go into effect.