Las Cruces To Create One Stop Shop

Las Cruces, NM – The city council recently discussed creating a one stop shop plan to improve services residents from the Community Development Department.

On Monday the council looked at the current issues impacting city development, organizational structure and benefits and implementation of a new system.

Assistant City Manager Brian Denmark says the concept of a one stop shop will streamline several service processes. He says there are several policies that are nearly twenty years old that need to be revamped.

Denmark-" You put all this together into one cohesive unit some are direct reports some are indirect reports, but all share a common goal of providing better service to the community. Single point of contact for example, one of the biggest complaints I've heard from the applicant side. Under this concept you are going to one place."

With the new system, positions will be reorganized as well as budgets. Once the infrastructure is in place the next step will be closely examining certain processes within the system.

The proposed changes come after a large amount of public comment on the process of starting a business in Las Cruces. During the recent Municipal Election the topic came up regularly in regards to the difficulty of applying for and receiving licenses and permits. The city hopes the new plan will serve a solution to the concerns.

City officials say they hope to fully implement the one stop shop in early December.