Las Cruces Fire And Police Prepare For July 4th Holiday

Las Cruces, NM – As allowed by state law, the City of Las Cruces is imposing maximum restrictions on the use of fireworks. Municipalities can impose restrictions regarding the sale, use and possession of fireworks.

All aerial and ground devices are currently banned within the City of Las Cruces. This is the most restrictive a municipality can be except during extreme or severe drought conditions.

Police and Fire Department Public Information Officer Dan Trujillo says extra personnel will be on hand at the Hadley firework show as well as throughout town.

Trujillo-"The fire department will be on the lookout for people displaying certain behaviors such as lighting fireworks that may be illegal or if they are lighting fireworks near properties that have combustible materials."

Trujillo also says extra precaution on the side of the public is necessary due to extreme drought conditions.

Trujillo-"People should know that if they are going to light legal fireworks they should do so only with adequate water supply to douse any small fire that may start up. If there is a larger fire they are asked to call 911 immediately."
Any possessed or discharged illegal fireworks within the city limits may result in citations or fines.

This year's July 4th celebration includes several events ranging from a light parade to the traditional fireworks display. Information on the festivities and firework information can be found at