Las Cruces Minimum Wage Increase Supporters Gather 5,000+ Signatures

Jun 17, 2014

 In just 3 days, CAFé faith leaders say they have collected 1,000 more signatures for a minimum wage increase ballot initiative, placing them over the 5,000 mark.  CAFé says it will turn in all the signatures they collect to the City Clerk, Esther Martinez, by June 30th. Martinez then has 20 working days to review and validate exactly 2,257 signatures and provide CAFé with a certificate as to the petition’s sufficiency. or insufficiency.  The ballot initiative would raise the Las Cruces minimum wage to $10.10 by 2017. 


The Las Cruces City Council recently approved a minimum wage increase to $8.50 by 2016.


“Las Cruces voters have weighed in loud and clear.  They not only want a say in this issue but in our collective vision of our community where people thrive, are included in civic participation, and are valued.” explained Angelica Rubio, campaign manager.  “Our faith community is committed to leading us towards success guided by our values.”


“After meeting with City Manager, Robert Garza, today we remain optimistic about a concurrent election between the city and the county in November so our community has a chance to vote,” noted Sarah Nolan, Executive Director of CAFé.  “Over the next week we will begin to prepare our petitions to turn into Esther Martinez, City Clerk, and continue to do our due diligence with the city and county to save taxpayers money by avoiding a special election.” Nolan added.


CAFé is planning a press event on Monday, June 30th, at 3:00pm at Las Cruces City Hall to pray over the petitions and turn them into the city clerk’s office.