Las Cruces Officials Pleased with Reorganization

Las Cruces, NM – On Monday the city council unanimously voted to approve a resolution that will create a second assistant city manager position and change the overall organizational chart.

City Manager Robert Garza proposed replacing the vacated position of the Finance Director with an assistant manager position. The move would result in less departments reporting solely to Garza.

He says the person hired will be responsible for the internal workings of city government which will improve communication to residents and customers.

Garza-"This proposed change is not going to add any new positions and it is not increasing costs either. It's a budget adjustment to take money from our financial services budget which is where our former financial services manager Dr. Sutter was being paid and those funds are being established to fund this position with zero net increase."

The new position will oversee the city's finance, information technology, public information and human resources departments. Public works, facilities, community development and public services are under Interim Assistant City manager Brian Denmark.

Around one hundred and one thousand dollars in the budget is allocated for the position.