Las Cruces Opinions Before State Of City Address

Feb 17, 2014

Here's what several local Las Cruces residents thought of their city ahead of the mayor's annual State of the City Address.

Henry Aranda is a small business owner and is concerned with taxes.

"In this economy, the way it is right now, we don't need any higher taxes."

Taxes aren't his only complaint. He's experienced a recent rash of break-ins and doesn't think police are doing enough.

"I got two trucks stolen last week…I've had my warehouse broken into in the last six months almost every month."

Monica Lopez, a mother of three, wants to see a lot more job options.

"Both me and my husband are barely making ends meet and that's with two people working and we only have three kids."

She's concerned about veterans too…that they might not receive all the benefits they need.

"Our elderly people are the ones that are really suffering because they need the food stamps. Look at all our vet who are on the streets…we need to start doing more for the vets and more for the elderly people."

Mary Palomino…works with local veterans and says she's lived here long enough to see the older population grow.

"…with the VA, with the veterans, with the population…all the retirees that are coming in from different parts of the country

Healthcare is what's really lacking for veterans according to Palomino.

"That's the need…and more physicians because they are lacking a lot of doctors in this area."