Las Cruces Police Investigate Shooting of Dog

Sep 12, 2017

Las Cruces Police are investigating the Tuesday afternoon shooting of a dog on the 700 block of Baca Road.

At about 3 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12, Las Cruces Police officers executed an arrest warrant on the 700 block of Baca Road. As one of the officers returned property from the arrestee to a relative at the home, a female pit bull terrier got out of a fenced area and attacked the officer.

The officer responded by firing at least one round that struck the dog and stopped the aggression.

The officer received wounds to his left arm and hand, and is being treated for the injuries. The gunshot to the pit bull proved to be fatal.

The investigation is ongoing and the officer will be placed on standard administrative leave. The dog will be tested for rabies to determine treatment of the officer.

The subject of the arrest warrant was taken into custody without incident and prior to the dog attack.

Information from Las Cruces Police